Hello!  Author Jim Wolf here, or. . . you may know me as Storyteller Jim Wolf. I’ve had the pleasure of telling stories to hundreds of Cape Cod audiences, and you know what happens to stories that are told. They evaporate into thin air as soon as they are heard!

But this story refused to do that. Maybe YOU are one of my audience members MagicOfTheFlats-Thumbnail Final who insisted that this Cape Cod tall tale is a story too good to be forgotten. And so, thanks to your requests, it won’t be. This eBook is now available for your reading device. Go to Amazon.com to explore the book and Anne Rosen’s marvelous illustrations. Here’s your live link: The Magic of the Clam Flats.

If you have an iPad or an iPhone, no problem! Go to iTunes, and you will find the title in the iBook library.

Prepare to be transported to the Wellfleet shoreline with a brave little boy who is about to to discover that he can bring home enough clams to feed his whole family, with the help of a wise, generous friend. Perfect for the bedtime story crowd, and for young readers from kindergarten through third grade.

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  1. Joanne Kalp says:

    Hi! My family and I came to hear your stories each year for several years on the Cape. My daughter Kayleigh, now 24, was once Maria Hallet in one of your stories when she was about 6. She still remembers it fondly! I told her about this book and she suggested that you publish a combination of the stories you told on the Cape. I know I would buy a hard cover – to share with grandchildren. Some day.
    Your stories were a real highlight of our trips. Thanks for that!

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